Dogs are one of man’s best friends. Unfortunately they develop aches and pains just like us. By using Back on Track rugs you can offer them relief while staying comfortable and mobile. Our products are for all dogs young or old, competitive or just the family pet.

Back on Track rugs help hard working competition dogs by keeping their muscles loose and supple before and after events. You will be amazed by the improvement in your dog’s mobility. Back on Track products are excellent for injury prevention as well as speeding up recovery time after an injury.

You will also notice an improvement in mood and attitude.

The rugs are available in two types. The Mesh Rug is lined with ceramic fabric and moulds to the shape of your dog. Is ideal for use all yeaar round. The Quilted Rug is both water resistant and breathable. Both rugs reflect the dog’s body warmth in the form of far infrared waves which increases blood circulation and reduces pain and inflammation. Great for dogs that suffer arthritis.